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not liking this.

i am an idiot. i've probably said that statement more times in this journal than anything else.
i hung out with alex the other day. bad plan. how am i still this vulnerable?
i push guys who are probably going to be nice to me away.
i let the stupid shit ppl say get to me.
i pursue heartache.
i have an unrealistic future plan.
i want to run away.
at least i made my oil change appointment for my car.

if i get to graduate in may (still waiting on stupid letter from school telling me i've met all requirements) then i really hope that makes me grow up. I'm  going to start applying for big girl jobs in February. I'm going to try and take the few more classes i need to get into actuarial science masters program. and then move. i'm thinking either Urbana/Champaign or Ball State.

i have mixed feelings about my job. sometimes it rocks and sometimes it makes me crazy.

i'm going to buy the dvd. all proceeds to go haiti.
i <3 my sorority.
Winni saves my life.
i'm out.
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