Hannah! (marrymedraco) wrote,

she was looking.

Ok so i'm at work and i really need to get shit done today but all i can think about is my doctor's appointment that i had this morning.

it was a woman's doctor appointment so if this is going to gross you out or something, don't read it.
just to let everyone know.. i hate that place. but i think everyone does. 
he did the ovary squeezing thing. and the boob thing. and then pap thing. and i had to wear the damn paper clothes. 

But the part that really aggravated me was that the nurse who escorted me back was wearing blue denim capris, a loose t-shirt and flip flops. i do not like this. this is the opposite of what i like to see in a doctor's office. 

i hate peeing in cups. 

then i had to wait forever. and then we talked. and then i put on the paper clothes.
and then he came back in to do the chest exam and i passed. (he said that, i think he was trying to lighten the mood, it got so awkward i started to hum) and then he called someone in to be in there when he does the pelvic exam, which is normal, so everyone knows that he isn't touching me in weird places.
and the girl who came in was the same girl as who brought me back. and he told her what he needed or w/e and she was handing it to him and she was looking. i mean looking. and it wasn't like horrified or horny it was just looking. and i don't like that. and this really bothered me. and i haven't been able to think about much else since this happened. what kind of a creeper does that!?!?!?! i mean i know i've only been there about 3 times and that doesn't make me an expert but honestly!!! ugh. 
and i get really uncomfortable as it is but this made it like 500 times worse. and then he was like "please let your knees fall to the sides" which is normal and i seriously could not get my legs to go more than like 10" apart. I could not believe that girl. i mean the fucking nerve. 
i don't know what to do. 

and remember how the gel used to be really cold? well now they have a warmer or something so its hotter than body temperature. and i hated that. and i feel very moist. and i only like moist if it was made moist by things i like. omg. i'm pacing at work. 

dianne noticed i seemed kind of down. slash i am borderline suicidal. (i seriously had to think about how to spell suicidal for like 30 seconds. which is kind of a long time if you think about it.)

but on the plus side, he wrote me a new prescription and now i'll only have periods 4 times a year. which is going to kick fucking ass!
but still. what a creeper. i don't know if i should like tell him this or just let it go. 

oh and here are my vitals:
weight: 137 (with all of my clothes on, including shoes)
blood pressure: 117/62 (don't ask me what the fuck it means)
cigarettes smoked since i woke up: 6
hours i've been awake: 6
times i've wanted to cry: 69838475

why was she looking at my vagina? omg. i want to kill myself. 
at least starbucks is open again. and i have a sorority retreat tonight and maybe i'll ask some of the girls what they think. 

ok, i'm done. still scarred but done.

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