Hannah! (marrymedraco) wrote,

saturday before finals....

so instead of writing up my psychology case studies, making a cash flow statement, studying sex and gender, or determining why r squared and adjusted r squared are so different, i'm writing in my livejournal.
this morning when i was doing some homework and alex was sleeping, wally stopped by! and he is the best. and he got back from iraq on tuesday and he will be here until like november of '09. So i'm basically ecstatic. right now he and alex are in the studio playing some pretty music and i can definitely tell the difference when they add in wally on bass. bah its fantastic. and i'm so glad that he is back in the US. But it is kinda early for them to be playing. and they are shaking the entire apartment. Hopefully alex does not get kicked out of the building.
i'm hungry.
and since finals are next week no one is doing anything on facebook. lame lame lame.
but i think i'm going to watch golden compass again today. :). and then again tomorrow with erin and dad (hopefully).
ok well yea.
i love you.
o and i do not like those ppl in texas that had sex with all of those young girls.. that might have been their daughters. not cool man. keep your cock in ur pants until they're old enough.
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