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just saw the golden compass!

and i basically loved it. they took out a lot of the sad parts and some parts made much less sense but how else could they do some of the things in only two hours when it takes at least 2 days to read the book. i really liked it. and i know erin and greg really liked it too.

alex was supposed to take me on a date to go see it. but he didn't ask me. you have to ask someone to go on a date. and you can't wait until the movie is about to go out of the theater either. we broke up so we could go back to how it was. and barely anything has changed.
i miss him. it hasn't been 12 hours since i've seen him but i miss him. i want him to hold me and i want to feel safe. i want him to kiss my forehead and wrap his arms around me.
and now he won't answer my phone calls. how could i screw this up so badly?

we got our final grades today.
all a's and 1 b.
i am not happy with my english teacher. how can i get an A in meteorology and a B in english? i'm not bad at english. w/e.
i think i'm going to go sort through some stuff i brought from alex's and watch movies on onDemand.
and pray for him to call me.
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