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so i really like my job. i feel like they think i'm useful and good at stuff.. which makes doing the stuff that anyone could do better because i am not too proud to do the little things that also matter. i'm not sure if that makes as much sense outside of my head.

i also like christmas.. the wrapping of the presents and the shaking of the boxes. its pretty sweet.

i like mom and tim's new tv too.
and harry potter.
and the more previews i see for the simpson's movie the more i want to see it.
i wanna see the golden compass whether i like the actress who is playing Lyra or not.
i like alex and his cult shirts too. he makes me happy and thinks that its ok for me to be me. and if you know me very well.. you know i'm pretty weird.

oh man. i'm tired. being somewhere at 8a.m. and staying there til 4:30 makes me tired. its so crazy that its dark when i leave my building. since i started working in may.. i'm not used to it being dark when i leave.
i went to both mom's and dad's tonight.
i like it both places.
i like kitten and peeky and maddie and i even got to see rachel and bandit.. and i like them pretty good too.
i like my clothes and my family.
i like ern and greg.
i like that me and dad can have conversations that few other people would understand. and that he likes teaching me things. i miss him.
next semester i plan on spending a lot more time at home which i think will be good for me and alex and me and dad. and i think it will help me save money.. except on gas. i miss sleeping in my own bed. and i miss being able to dance around naked and listen to rap music and dance and look dumb. and i miss being able to wear different shoes every five minutes. isn't weird the things you do when you're alone.

this has been a kind of random journal.
i'm done with fall semester. and don't give a shit about my grades.
i get to apply to school of business next semester. that makes me pretty happy.
i'm going to try and get all my shit out of alex's apartment  but we'll see how well that works out.
well i'm going to gather up my books so i can return them tomorrow.
talk to you all later.
can't wait for candace's birthday or for haley to come home!!!!!
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